African book market, a pirates’ den

Do you know African book market is dead? It ain’t a joke!                                             It’s obvious African economy ranked worst in the economic world.Its book market isn’t just the worst as well but a hopeless ground for any aspiring author. Believe it or not, ninety-nine percent of African authors receive no royalties at all.Piracy has crippled the market to near bankruptcy.

Piracy is a common illegal term all over the universe.Every industry has this parasite.But in Africa piracy is not a parasite. Piracy is a disease.A disease which spread faster than Ebola,gained dominance over every African creativity market, and had swept its book industry into ruin.Writers no longer expect royalties.Of course,a publisher would first recover his investment in book before any consideration on the author’s own profit.Nearly all celebrated writers in Africa earn through creative writing tuition.

Piracy gained excess ground in the continent due to no strict regulatory policy was installed to control its practitionals.Anybody can run the business these days.Even common informal booksellers  now reprint fast selling books in low quality and sell them at lower price in their bookstores. A worse path is you don’t know who’s in league pirating your work.Your publisher’s printing manager can email your manuscript to a pirate right from the company’s computer.And your book would be printed overseas in low standard, then imported into the continent to the doom of your publisher’s original version.

I see no hope if governments continue to overlook these criminal activities. They must put a stop to these crimes or African literature will be nailed shut in  a coffin.

Now it’s time we talk. Do you  know another factor which contributes a ruin to African book industry? Pleazzzzzzz share with us in the comment section below!

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